Results Day Fail

Let’s rewind to the year 2000.

Me and my friends are 16. Our hair is stripy thanks to “Sun In” hairspray, our lip gloss is glittery and our belly button piercings are turning septic (nice).

Today is GCSE results day. We have achieved and / or exceeded our expected results and, feeling pretty smug with ourselves, we decide to head off for our much planned celebrations in Norwich that evening.

Being the tallest girl in our group I’m sent to the bar (in my Pod heals and bootleg jeans) to buy an array of Archers Aqua, WKD’s and Smirnoff Ices. We clink in celebration. All is good.

The DJ yells “Hands in the air if you’ve just passed your GCSE’s”. We whoop and cheer with delight.

Out of nowhere four bouncers suddenly descend on our group and announce we are barred. “Why?” we wail and protest. “Because you’ve just publicly admitted to the whole bar you’re all under age” they yelled whilst hauling us out.

Oops. Results day fail.

Sophie x