So, who am I and why am I writing this?

I’m Sophie, a novice blogger stumbling through her late 20’s as a single girl who  is lucky enough to call London home. I intend to use this space to jot down slices of my life, my thoughts and adventures as a little outlet for me really but if anyone else chooses to take a look, well that’s just great!

Why “Bare Faced Messy Hair” as a title?

Simple, because that’s me!  I grew up in a sleepy Norfolk town not far from the coast, with the sun on my bare face and the country air causing all sorts of havoc with my curly hair before moving to London at the tender age of 18; and, having allowed myself to get totally caught up by the bright lights of this amazing city, I now consider myself a native. I, like everyone else have had the odd bump along the road but on the whole I have a beautiful life, a very fortunate one – not in worth so much, but in love and respect. I have been lucky enough to grow up with the unconditional love of both my amazing parents and I am so grateful for them. I also have a great bunch of close friends who I consider family and for their fun and constant laughter I will forever be thankful.