A Seaside Staycation

I love exploring the world, to me there is nothing more magical than discovering a new town, trying new foods and meeting new people. I don’t think I will ever tire of it and as I wrote on my list of “Life Resolutions” last year, I really do want to obtain as many stamps as possible in my passport.

Sadly, time and money don’t always assist me with this goal, so although I won’t be jetting off anywhere this month I did have a little “staycation” in a part of the world I’d not visited since I was a toddler – Cornwall.

I’m not going to lie, the train journey was long (5.5 hours long to be exact…) but we made the most of it with a couple of drinks and a few good old fashioned games of Eye Spy and Uno before finally arriving in St Ives at midnight.

Train Journey

After an alcohol fueled snooze, I woke up hungry and ready to explore, so trotted down the lane from the little cottage we’d borrowed and gorged on croissants at the local deli.

Every time I leave London I am reminded of how unfriendly a city it can be and just how lovely the rest of our country folk are;  we didn’t pass a single soul who didn’t greet us with a smile and wish us a good morning. Being a country girl this is something I really do miss about home.

Full up and in need of sea air we strolled to Porthmeor Beach and I was instantly stunned. I can easily see why this beach has won so many awards. I think sometimes we take for granted quite how beautiful the British coast can be.

After a long walk around the bay and having dipped our toes in the water (yours truly ended up getting soaked as I couldn’t resist climbing over the rocks to get up close and personal with the crashing waves) we headed for a seaside feast. Fresh, local, simple and utterly delicious!

Seafood Cafe

After a potter around the cobbled lanes of the local town, we headed back to the cottage to light the fire and tuck into a little welcome gift that had been left for us before crashing out for a good nights sleep with happy memories of a traditional day by the Great British seaside.

I must admit I loved this staycation as much as I would have any European city break and it was certainly a fun, cheaper alternative to a foreign holiday with none of the stress of delayed flights. I really can’t recommend it enough!

Beach Times
Sophie x